But can the guy communicate?

Mar 3rd '16

Some testimonials.

As a church, we ran a Seriously Dangerous Religion Conference in 2014. Throughout the day, the attendees were taught not only about the prime importance of the Old Testament in a believer’s life, but also the difference the Old Testament has made, and continues to make in how we see and experience the world today. All this was done in a clear and engaging manner that spoke to both the mind and the heart. Dr. Iain Provan is a first-rate teacher and communicator who challenges and inspires the listener to really engage with the material being presented.  As a pastor, I always find it a good indicator of a speaker’s positive impact that once the conference is finished, the first question people ask you is: when can we invite this speaker to come back again? I highly recommend Dr. Provan. 

David Wood, Pastor, Coquitlam Alliance Church (British Columbia)
"Anyone who has been to university remembers a brilliant professor who was a superb researcher and writer, but put people to sleep in the classroom. Iain Provan is NOT that person. Yes he is a brilliant researcher and academic theologian. Yes, he is a wonderful writer. And YES he is also an outstanding communicator to non-academic regular church-goers.  In numerous series of talks within our faith community, Iain has effectively and passionately communicated God’s Word to our community. We have greatly appreciated the thoughtful and generous wisdom Iain has brought to us, and we are looking forward to many return visits."

Mike Nichols, Former Pastor,

Capilano Christian Community (North Vancouver, BC)


"Imagine 450 undergraduate college students paying rapt attention and taking notes as Iain shares 6 different hour+ messages. That's what our experience was like hosting him at our annual campus ministry winter camp. He was spiritual, funny, engaging, challenging, and encouraging. He ministered to both our hearts and minds, and we look forward to the opportunity to host him again!"

Brandon Worsham, Director, Fellowship of Christian University Students (Dallas, Texas, USA)


"We had the pleasure of Iain's company for an entire week in the summer of 2015 at New Horizon, one of Ireland's largest Christian conferences. For 5 mornings over 2,000 people sat and simply absorbed the sheer breadth and depth of Iain's biblical insight and understanding of the human heart. As he reminded us again and again of the unconditional love of God for a fallen and broken people we were reminded of our folly and propensity to choose the wrong path, but brought to the place of God's grace under His sovereign hand. Iain spoke at seminars and (in my own personal highlight as a long time and long distance admirer of Iain's thinking and teaching via Regent Audio) engaged superbly in a hour long Q&A session. The man can think, the man can teach, and the man was simply great company. Iain is a gift of God to the church at a time when, more than even, we simply must think sharply in order to live well."

Barry Forde, Chairman, New Horizon (Northern Ireland)