Sep 21st '12

I have taught a wide range of courses at various institutions at which I have held positions.  At the more specialised, upper-level end of the spectrum I have taught such seminar-based courses as “OT theology” and “OT ethics.” More generally I have taught OT texts both through the medium of English (exegesis-based courses on Genesis; 1 Samuel; 1-2 Kings; Psalms; Ezekiel; Daniel; Song of Songs) and through the medium of Hebrew (language-based courses on Psalms 80-89, 120-136; Lamentations; Ezekiel).  I have also taught courses in OT Introduction/Foundations and Biblical Hermeneutics and Criticism, and have participated in professional ministry programmes (focusing on the use of the OT in theology and practice in the Church) and in the Regent College “Christian Life” and “Christian Thought and Culture” courses.  I have also co-taught with a Jewish Hebrew Bible scholar and a Christian literature specialist in the innovative course “Sharing a Sacred Text.”  In June 2006 I taught 1-2 Kings in Hong Kong in a joint summer school mounted by Regent College and the China Graduate School of Theology; and in July 2009 I taught Old Testament Studies for two weeks in China, at the universities of Fudan (Shanghai) and Shandong.

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