General Information

Jan 17th '16

I am available for speaking engagements outside of Regent College and my home church as time and family and other commitments allow.  In the past I have done all of the following in varying locations (mainly churches and university or seminary campuses, but also family camps and similar contexts):

* preached sermons;

* delivered single talks, midweek or on a Sunday evening;

* delivered a series of talks over a weekend or several days;

* taught week long and two-week long courses.

I am always open to invitations to speak on topics upon which I have not already prepared material, but I also have a list of sermon topics, talks, seminars and lectures/lectures series, with brief descriptions of the content, here.  If you need to know whether I am a good speaker, click here.  For photos of previous speaking engagements, click here and here.  If you need to print out my biographical information, here is a PDF file: