Speaking Engagements

Jan 17th, '16

I am available for speaking engagements outside of Regent College and my home church as time and family and other commitments allow.  In the past I have done all of the following in varying locations (mainly churches and university or seminary campuses, but also family camps and similar contexts):

* preached sermons;

* delivered single talks, midweek or on a Sunday evening;

* delivered a series of talks over a weekend or several days;

* taught week long and two-week long courses.

Mar 3rd, '16

A few ideas ...

Examples of Sermons

Mar 3rd, '16

Some testimonials.

Mar 2nd, '16

This page relates to the "mechanics" of how to ask me about coming to speak at your church, conference, camp, or whatever.

Mar 3rd, '16

Please refer to the "News" page.

Mar 20th, '10

Trip to China, July 2009

We had a wonderful time in Shanghai, and were greatly helped by our guides Celine and Frieda (seen on the right, outsid
Sep 20th, '12

Trip to New Zealand and Australia, July 2011