What might I do for you?

Mar 3rd '16

A few ideas ...

Examples of Sermons

  • Away from home: Stories of faith in a strange land (3 sermons on Abraham, Jacob and Psalm 23)
  • I AM WHO I AM (Exodus 3:1-17; John 6:1-13, 25-59)
  • The Book of Psalms and Christian Spirituality (two sermons, covering Psalms 1-2 and 22-23)
  • Christian worship (2 sermons)
  • The Pharisee and the Tax-Collector (Luke 18:9-14)
  • The Nicene Creed (3 sermons)
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (4 sermons on: John 1:1-18; Matthew 1:1-25; Colossians 1:3-23/Acts 17:22-31; Song of Songs 5:2-8/Matthew 1:18-25)
Examples of Talks and Presentations
  • Earth-keeping and people-keeping in Old Testament theology
  • Teaching Old Testament narrative (with an optional extra workshop)
  • The Scriptures Jesus knew: History, archaeology and the reliabiity of the Old Testament
  • Jesus, Cavemen and Dinosaurs: Science and Christian Faith
  • Does God want you to be rich?  Wealth-creation, stewardship and reconciliation
  • To highlight all our idols: Living in Friedrich Nietzsche's world
  • Words of Life (5 talks on creation, God, being human, evil and suffering, hope)
  • The Love of God (4 talks on Genesis and one on Psalm 23) 
Examples of Day or Weekend Seminars and Workshops
  • Yearning for God: The Spirituality of the Psalms (4 x 1.5 hours)
  • Kings, Prophets and the People of God: 1-2 Kings (2 x 1.5 hours)
  • History, Historiography and the Bible (3 x 1.5 hours)
  • The Life of Elijah (4 x 1 hour)
  • The Old Testament Reloaded (2 x Friday evening/Saturday all day)
  • Seriously Dangerous Religion (Friday evening/Saturday morning talks around the themes of my 2014 book)